ProfilUp Ceiling Poster Changing High Reach Telescopic Tool

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Telescopic T Shapes Poster Ceiling Display Reaching Tool

Used to switch over posters from high hanging bars with no need for ladders on our ProfilUp System

Pack Size: PRU1  1 Telescopic extendable T Shaped Tool

A telescopic tube 1.6 meters in length that can be extended up to 3 meters (or 4.5 Meters for extra long version).

The inner and outer tubes can lock and unlock by twisting. In order to extend, the outer tube is twisted clockwise, once loose, the inner tube is extended outwards and when at required length the outer tube is rotated anti clockwise to lock in place.

The pole and metal T bar are supplied unassembled and need to be assembled using the two screws provided.

This system is recommended for use with our ProfilUp bars and ProfilUp poster rails.

* Hanging wires and systems sold separately (See Ceiling Hanger Accessories).

* Aluminum hanging bar sold separately (See ProfilUp Ceiling Hanging Bar Rail)

* Poster rails sold separately (See Poster Hanging Rails).


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