ProfilUp Ceiling Hanging Bar Rail for Posters

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SKU DecobarreXSKit-1M
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White Hanging Bar with Eyelets for Poster Ceiling Display

Used as a permanently hung bar from the ceiling that has posters and advertising material hung from it

Pack Size: 1 Bar POS50 + 2 End Caps POS54+ 2 Top Eyelets POS52 + 2 Bottom Eyelets POS51

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A solid aluminum bar (22x22mm) with 2 plastic end caps and two top eyelets (8x17mm interior eyelet dimension). The eyelets are twist lock and can be secured anywhere along the top of the rail.

The bar is secured to the ceiling with wires and ceiling attachments (sold separately) and stays hanging permanently. Posters and other hanging advertising material is then hung on the rail using our ProfilUp hanging rails and our ProfilUp hanging reach tool which are also sold separately.

* Hanging wires and systems sold separately (See Ceiling Hanger Accessories).

* Poster rails sold separately (See ProfilUp Ceiling Poster Hanging Rails).

* Reaching tool sold separately (See ProfilUp Ceiling Poster Changing Tool)

* Extra top eyelets can be supplied on request.

* Bottom eyelets available and supplied on request.

* Custom lengths can be supplied on request.

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