White Promotional 80cm Outdoor Flag Pole with Adhesive Base FLA2

$71.90 Inc GST
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Promotional Premium Flag Pole

Used for indoor and outdoor promotional displays and signage

Pack size = 5 kits/sets

Available in White or Black

A premium flag display unit consisting of 4 pieces.

Wall Base: 122x47mm back plate with adhesive peel off backing as well as 4 holes (in case screw reinforcement is required).

Flag Base: Designed to slide in to the wall base securely. can be locked in at 6 different angled to wall, 45, 60, 90, 135, 150 and 180 degrees.

Pole: 79cm long pole designed to fit in the flag base. The pole has a 1mm slit cut through 52cm from one end. The pol itself is 20mm in diameter.

End Cap: A 25mm end cap to finish the looks and hold the slit together so media doesn't fall out.

These flags are the best way to showcase your promotions, your store or just advertise in stores, shopping centers and shopfronts. The adjustable angle allows for a orientation best for your location and the slit allows for media to be easily changed later.

1 pack is 5 units (contains 5 of each, Wall mount, Base, Pole and Cap)