Wall Mounted A4 Brochure Holder 8 Pockets in 2 Rows

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Wall Mounted Leaflet and Brochure Holder for A4 Size, 2 Columns 4 Rows

Used in reception areas to dispense 8 types of A4 brochures in one unit.

Pack size: 1 Kit (1 45cm Wall Bar, 8 Pockets, 2 bottom row supports)


This simple and adaptable display system is secured with two screws on a wall. The A4 Brochure holders interlock into each other creating a display in 2 columns and 4 rows. Once installed it takes up an area 45cm wide and 75cm high with with a thickness of only 10cm.

1. Secure aluminum wall bracket to wall using suitable wall screws and plugs (not supplied). The holes should be drilled roughly 12cm below where the top of the first row of pockets should be.

2. Slide in the first row of pockets on the aluminum bar.

3. Install the second row below by locking them in to the first row and the same for the third row.

4. Clip on the back support into the last remaining pockets and lock them onto the third row. The purpose of the back support is to keep the the column stable and at a correct angle.


1 Kit includes: 1 Support bar, 8 acrylic A4 Pockets and 2 Acrylic support struts.