Viking Screw and Wing Nut Transparent Plastic DIS5

$13.80 Inc GST
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Viking Screw and Winged Nut from Transparent Plastic

Used for joining Corflute, Cardboard, Corrugated, Tunnelcore, Display and Project panels.

Choose length - available in 4 sizes

Pack Size = 100 units

A plastic screw with winged (aka Viking) nut, designed to be tightened by hand when joining and securing various lightweight panels. The head is usually held with a finger while the winged nut can be turned by hand. 5mm screw diameter, 14mm head diameter. The actual max holding capacity is slightly (3-4mm) less than the total screw length.

DIS5A: screw length 12mm

DIS5-15: screw length 15mm

DIS5B: screw length 20mm

DIS5C: screw length 25mm

Strong and reusable

Natural plastic transparent/white color

Available in 4 versions with different length capacity

Pack of 100 units (100 screws and 100 nuts packed loose)