Transparent Screwlock Fixed Length Interlock Binding Chicago Screws

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Transparent Binding Posts also known as Chicago Screws or Interscrews DIS13

Used for joining/binding multiple sheets of paper, cardboard, sample material or display panels.

Pack Size

DIS13/5/T = 500 or 1000 units
DIS13/10/T = 100 units
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A popular and effective way of holding various sheet material together. Improves presentation on sample kits and binding and is easy and secure for other purposes. The capacity refers to the holding capacity to the total length.

Transparent Plastic

Hole diameter 5mm

Head size 12mm

Please note screw is flat-head, post has no grooves

Available in 3 capacities (length)

Pack of 100 units (100 male & 100 female, packed loose)

Pack of 500 units (500 male & 500 female, packed loose)

Pack of 1000 units (1000 male & 1000 female, packed loose)