SuperGrip Upright Sign Holder for Wire Basket and Grid Mesh SUP49

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Super Grip Sign and Ticket Holder for Wire and Mesh

Used for displaying signs and tickets of 0.2mm to 2mm thickness on a Slatmesh, Gird Mesh, Wire Mesh, Wire Basket or merchandising hook.

Pack Size = 100 units

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A fast, easy, strong and durable solution for holding media, tickets, pricing and signage on metal wires and mesh. You can find Wire and mesh almost anywhere is a retail store, Gridmesh and Slatmesh wire display walls, Wire Baskets and merchandising hooks. Use these Supergrips to attach any card to these wires.

Using 2 or more of these Supergrips you can fix media from multiple angles on wires.

SUP49 is suitable for wires up to 9mm thick

Gripper capacity: min 0.2mm - max 2mm


Transparent color

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)