SuperGrip Snap-on Sign Holder for Wire Basket, Grid Mesh and Hooks SUP54

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SKU SUP54 Pk100
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Super Grip Sign and Ticket Holder for Wire and Mesh

Used for displaying signs and tickets of 0.2mm to 2mm thickness on a Slatmesh, Gird Mesh, Wire Mesh, Wire Basket or merchandising hook.

Pack Size = 100 units

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A fast, easy, strong and durable solution for holding media, tickets, pricing and signage on metal wires and mesh. You can find Wire and mesh almost anywhere is a retail store, Gridmesh and Slatmesh wire display walls, Wire Baskets and merchandising hooks. Use these Supergrips to attach any card to these wires.

SUP54 is suitable for wires of 4mm to 5.5 mm in diameter.

Gripper capacity: min 0.2mm - max 2mm


Transparent color

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)