SuperGrip Parallel Hinged Ticket Holder for Timber Shelves SUP22

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SKU SUP22 pk 100
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Super Grip Hinged Sign and Ticket Holder for Shelves

Used for displaying signs or cards up to 1.5mm thickness on the edge of a shelf.

Pack Size = 100 units

*Discontinued item 75% off current stock on hand only

An easy, effective and reusable solution for advertising prices or holding media in place on timber shelves. Slide your sign or ticket in the small grip fasteners and simply push on to the edge of the shelf. The hinge allows the ticket or sign to be flipped up to see or access the area underneath and behind.

Most commonly used for displaying special pricing and promotions on timber shelves.

Length 40mm

Shelf grip capacity 15mm to 21mm

Can hold paper/media/ticket up to 1.5mm thick

Transparent color

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)