SuperGrip Hinged Sign Holder 25mm Adhesive Base SUP66

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SKU SUP66/25 Pk 300
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Super Grip Right Angle Hinged (flexible) Sign and Ticket Holder with Adhesive Pad for Aisle Blades

Used for displaying signs and cards at a right angle to the adhesive base.

Choose Length - available in 2 versions

Choose Gripper capacity - available in 3 versions

Pack Size = Each version has a different pack size, see details

*SUP66A/75 Discounted item 40% off current stock on hand only

A fast, easy, strong and durable solution for holding media in place. Slide your sign or ticket through the grippers and use the peel off adhesive base to stick it anywhere you want. This version has a permanent adhesive base 25mm wide with a hinged flexible gripper. The hinge allows the media to sway from side to side which come in handy when used in high traffic areas so bumps and knocks don't damage the media.

Adhesive base width: 25mm

Gripper height: 9mm grip, total 18mm

SUP66-25: 25mm length, 0.4 to 2mm capacity, pack of 300

SUP66-75: 75mm length, 0.5mm-2mm capacity, pack of 100

SUP66A-25: 25mm length, 1.5mm-3mm capacity, pack of 300

SUP66A-75: 75mm length, 1.5mm-3mm capacity, pack of 100

Adhesive pads are single use and non-removable

Transparent color