Suction Cup Transparent with Thumbtack SUC3 SUC6

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Transparent Suction Cups with Pushpins

Used for hanging media, posters, sings and various other items on glass, mirrors or similar surfaces

Pack Size = 100 units

Available in 2 version, regular and double suction (Heavy Duty)

These quality suction cups are perfect for hanging posters and media on glass on and glossy surface. The thumbtack makes it easier to secure paper to the suction cup at all four corners. The thumbtack can hold media up to a maximum 2.5mm thickness.

These suction cups if applied to clean and smooth surfaces, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight should hold on strongly for prolonged periods of time.

A small easy tab is incorporated into the design to allow for effortless removal when required.

42mm diameter cup with Thumbtack 16mm diameter

SUC03: Single (Regular) Cup

SUC06: Double Cup (Heavy Duty)

Media holding capacity up to 2.5mm

Transparent plastic color

Pack of 100 (100 suction cups and 100 thumbtacks packed loose)