Stock Pusher Shelf Mounted Spring Loaded Pushing System

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SKU PUS124563
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Shelf Mounted Stock Pusher for Shelves PUS1245

Used for merchandising stock to have organized and full shelves.

Sold as individual units

Available with or Without Front Stopper Lip

Available in Medium or Strong Push Strength

40mm wide track with 70x40mm pusher face, perfect for most shelf stock items. These pushers work best with dividers to control and organize stock.

Standard Length is 380mm to suit most shelves (280mm and 480mm available on request)

Medium strength is suitable for most packaged goods, strong version recommended for heavier products such as heavy jars.

Without Stopper: Has no lip at front and is used in conjunction with shelf stopper rails for best results.

With stopper: Has a 25mm tall, 34mm wide clear plastic lip to stop products falling over.

Fits any standard T-Rail (Click Rail) accessory including our stopper rails, data strip rails & curved shelf rails.

Pack of 5 unit