Steel Wire Hanging System Ceiling Toggle with Gripple Fastener

$15.65 Inc GST
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15Kg Capacity 2 Meter Galvanized Steel Wire with Toggle for 6mm holes and Gripple Fastener size 1 (LEAW27TG)

Used to hang any signage, panels,... or any other panel on any 6mm hole drilled through ceiling panels.

Pack of 1 (1 wire with toggle and 1 Gripple)

2 meters of 1.5mm steel wire with a smart toggle system on one end the other end professionally cut with heated blade to prevent fraying.

Size 1 Gripples are secure fasteners rated at 15Kg which allow the user to create loops and adjust. Gripples can be adjusted and reused for as many times as you want. These high quality secure fasteners are made in Europe.

Use: Drill a 6mm hole in your ceiling panel. Push the clamped end of the wire through the hole followed by the toggle bracket. Pull wire down to secure the toggle system.

Removal: The toggle system can not be removed without access to the other side of the panel. If you do not have access, you must cut the wire close to the ceiling and push it through leaving it inside the ceiling void.

Weight Rating: The wire, toggle and Gripple are rated at 15Kg with safety factor of 5, however the whole system is only as strong as your ceiling panel material. When used with thin Gyprock or similar the ceiling will fail before the wire does.

Gripples have one way channels marked with arrows, to pull back the wire the side button has to be pulled back to release. Gripples are designed to lock in position under load so they can not be adjusted while being pulled, this is a safety feature preventing accidental release of the loop while being used.

Gripple® is a registered trademark of Gripple Limited. World patented.

One pack is 1 wire with toggle and 1 Gripple Fastener