Steel Wire Hanging System Ceiling Clip with Adjustable Snap Hook

$29.00 Inc GST
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15Kg Capacity Galvanized Steel Wire with ceiling twist clip and sliding adjustable snap hook LEAW33

Used to hang any signage and panels.

Pack of 1 (1 Ceiling clip + 1 meter wire + 1 sliding snap hook)

1 meter of 1.5mm steel wire with one end clamped to lock in the ceiling twist clip. The other end is professionally cut with heated blade to prevent fraying.

The snap hook can slide up and down the wire when the side release is held with both fingers, when let go of, it securely grips the wire and holds up to 15Kg. This system can be be adjusted and reused over and over. These high quality secure fasteners are made in Europe.

Snap hook opening is 5mm wide.


The ceiling twist clips hold onto all standard suspended ceilings (also known as drop ceilings or grid ceilings). A smart slit system allows for the clamped end of the wire to be inserted from the side and lock in.

Insert the other end of the wire from the top of the clamp while holding it with two fingers from both sides, push the wire in and it will come out the side, as long as you press the sides, the wire is adjustable both ways. When you let go, the wire can only be pulled up on the wire and not down.

This set can hold up to 15Kg in vertical position with a safety factor of 5.

Pressing the sides of the clamp under load will release the clamp.

Gripple® and Angel™ are a registered trademarks of Gripple Limited. World patented.

One pack is 1 wire and 1 Sliding Gripple Angel Clamp