Stainless Steel Piercing Wire Ticket Holder TIC11

$47.85 Inc GST

Nirosta Steel, Needle Tip Wire Ticket and Sign Holder (food certifiable)

Used for displaying prices, tickets, signs in Florists, Cafe's, Deli's, Grocery stores and Supermarkets.

Pack of 50 units

A discreet, clean and effective way of displaying tickets in various settings. The pin is extremely sharp (0.25mm penetrating tip) and can puncture various organic and synthetic textures without opening a sizable hole or ripping the material. The pin has a diameter of just under 1 mm, leaving almost no trace after removal (see last image). The ring at the top can hold cards up to max 1 mm in thickness.

This version is not certified for use with food, we do supply the food safe version upon request and provide certification. MOQ and lead times apply. Please fill out a request form for the certified version.

* Very sharp tip, keep away from children and use with caution.

Pack of 50