Snap Lock Plastic Exe Snap Rivet DIS11

$12.50 Inc GST
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Exe Snap Lock Plastic Rivets

Used for joining corflute, cardboard, corrugated and display panels.

Choose capacity - available in 4 sizes

Pack Size = 100 units

A two piece rivet in milky natural polypropylene plastic. The snap lock mechanism allows for fast and secure locking of various materials together. These rivets only snap to a particular capacity, 3, 6, 9 and 13mm. These are one time use fasteners and can not be opened or used again after locking.

DIS11A: Holding capacity 3mm, total length 10mm

DIS11B: Holding capacity 6mm, total length 13mm

DIS11C: Holding capacity 9mm, total length 16mm

DIS11D: Holding capacity 13mm, total length 20mm

Please note once snapped in place, they can not be expanded, opened or used again.

Natural plastic color

Available in 4 versions with different capacity

Pack of 100 units