Small Corro Shelf Support Clip for Corrugated Cardboard Displays COR21

$46.40 Inc GST
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Two piece low profile shelf support CORRO clip for corrugated display builds

Used for creating 90 degree joints such as shelves in freestanding displays

Pack Size = Bag of 100 units

Corr-a-Clips are a standard, strong and cheap solution for free standing display units. This two piece clip is made of a base with a slit and a plate with groove to slide in and hold. Used in thousands of displays every year around Australia our clips have perfect tolerances for a good grip and are priced very competitively.

This model has a locking notch that secures the clip once you slide it into the base.

Most commonly used to create shelf lips on cardboard displays where the lip is roughly 30-35mm in height.

Made from translucent Polypropylene

Base: 42x27mm (raised area to go through cut is 34x16mm)34mm

Clip: 62x27mm (support area is 56x27mm)

2 x 7.5mm diameter holes in clip.

Pack of 100 units (100 base + 100 support)