Shelf Support Beams for Corrugated Cardboard Product Displays COR8 COR9

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Shelf Support Beam with End Caps

Used for building Cardboard and Corrugated product displays where shelves hold stock and need reinforcing beams.

Beams are 2000mm standard and can be cut to required length

A very cheap, easy and durable solution for reinforcing your cardboard displays to hold stock. Plastic struts with matching end caps offer impressive strength and very easy installation at very competitive prices. Our trials have also shown them to be more durable than metal bars and cardboard rolls with FMCG displays.

2 end caps per stalk create one support beam. The end caps are designed to slide through a 13x33mm hole cut into the panel. The struts perfectly fit into these end caps and hold the shelves weight.

- Very cost effective compared to steel rods

- More durable than cardboard roll supports

- Light weight compared to steel rods

- Due to the exact fit or the strut in the cap there is some resistance to pull, keeping the display in shape longer and preventing barreling or sudden collapse.

- Fast turnaround time on custom lengths, no need to alter you design or wait for manufacturing.

COR8: End caps

COR9: Support stalk, full length 2000mm


COR9 Custom: The Rail/Beam can be cut to size for small orders and made/extruded to size for larger orders (POA). Fill out custom product form or contact us for a quick quote on the length you are after.