SES imagotag Vusion Magnetic ESL Holder

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Magnetic Label Holder Plate and Accessories for SES imagotag Vusion

Used to place Electronic Shelf Labels from SES in retail environments

This strong and simple fixing solution allows retailers to securely place large electronic shelf labels on metal surfaces.

Common fixtures use magnetised rubber but this fixture uses 3 strong disk magnets ensuring the larger heavier tags don’t fall off easily.

The adaptor is designed to securely clip on to SES-imagotag Vusion series tags 4.2”, 6.0” and 7.4”.

For 9.7” retailers can use two of these fixings side by side as the snap-on part is designed to work with the standard Vusion battery pack profile.

Adaptor code 252067 compatible with models:

SES Vusion 4.2

SES Vusion 6.0

SES Vusion 7.4

SES Vusion 9.7 (2 fixings per tag is required)