SES imagotag Vusion ESL Holder

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Label Holder Plate and Accessories for SES imagotag Vusion

Used to place Electronic Shelf Labels from SES in retail environments

This simple but genius solution allows retailers to use one adaptor for all the below models in various areas of the store simply by changing the accessory. The adaptor holds the ESL by snapping on the back, the accessories snap into the adaptor.


Adaptor code 252068 compatible with models:


SES Vusion 4.2

SES Vusion 6.0

SES Vusion 7.4

SES Vusion 9.7

SES Vusion 12.2


Available accessories are:

163700 Black Spring Loaded Clamp

170200 Small clip

170201 Large round clip

170202 Aluminum bendable arm

170300 Ice pick 100mm

170302 Ice pick 150mm

170402 Counter Stand Tall