Self Adhesive Hang Tabs Euro Slot on Sheet REF-55429

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SKU BLI55429/1000
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HangTabs - self adhesive checkpoint hangsell tags with Euro slot on peel off sheets

Used for hang sell and hook display of products.

Pack Size = 1008 (42 Sheets of 24)

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Take any product and hang it on pegs and hooks in your display. Just peel off the sheet and stick it on the product. Frequently used with small boxed products or medium satchel products, pharmaceutical goods, etc.

41mm x 35mm overall size

41mm x 14mm adhesive area

Hole size 33mm wide, 6mm height with 11mm diameter middle section

Waste section cut out but not removed

Suitable for products up to 230 grams.

To be used with products that have a smooth packaging surface so the adhesive works properly. Some factors such as sunlight exposure, high moisture, improper application and hanging items at an angle may slightly reduce the weight capacity.

Our HangTags are made in Europe in specialty factories and we stand by our quality.

Pack size is 1008 units (42 sheets of 24)