Self Adhesive Cylindrical Bumpon Rubber Anti Vibration Bumper

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Self Stick Polyurethane Transparent Bump Stops on Sheets (Made in the USA)

Used for preventing damage when objects bump on to each other, as feet for various objects and as vibration dampeners.

Pack size - Sheet of 200

12.7mm diameter and 3.5mm height

200 per sheet, cylinder cone shape, 12.7mm diameter and 3.5mm height.

Equivalent to 3M SJ5312 or ITW / Fastex 4001

Commonly used on cabinet doors, glass shelves, laptops, keyboards, coasters, picture frames, chopping boards, drawers and doors.

These quality bumpers are vibration and shock dampening, resistant to skids, prevent scuff marks and have strong adhesive.

Made from molded Polyurethane, RoHS and WEEE compliant. Recommended storage and application temperature is room temperature. Operational temperature is -18° to 80° Celsius.

Pricing is for 1 sheet (200 bumpers)