Ratchet Plastic Rivet Push Snap Pin with Hole

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Push Snap Ratchet Lock Plastic Rivet / Pin with Perforation DIS9

Used for permanently joining corflute, cardboard, corrugated and display panels or multiple sheets of material.

Choose length - available in 2 sizes

Pack Size = 100 units

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A two piece rivet in transparent plastic. The push lock design allows for easy joining of various materials together and the ratchet effect allows tight joints secured to size without hassle. The ratchet is 5mm in diameter and a 2mm hole goes all the way through so the pin can be used as a hanging point as well.

These rivets come in 2 holding capacities, 3mm and 5mm. Both have 12mm heads and a 2mm hole all the way through. The 3mm version comes with pin and washer packed loose but the 5mm comes as a one piece pull-apart and a small joint to be discarded (co-injection molded)

These pins are permanent and single use.

DIS9/3: Holding capacity up to 3mm (packed as 100 screws and 100 nuts)

DIS9/5: Holding capacity up to 5mm (packed as 100 screw/nut tear-apart units)

Pack of 100 units