Plastic Hanging Shelf Hook For Cardboard Displays and Shelves

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White Plastic Slide-on D-Shape Hook HAN33

Used on Cardboard Displays or Data Strips to hang coupons, bags, etc,...

Pack of 100 units

*HAN33B Discounted item 75% off current stock on hand only

An easy solution to place a dispensing or holding hook in retail environments. The back of these hooks slides on to cardboard or other panels as well as data strips and the front hook is perfect as a coupon dispenser or bag holder.

Small - HAN33B: perfect for data strips and lighter applications, clips on to max 2mm thickness.

Medium - HAN33A: Clips on to both data strips and panels from 1mm to 5mm thick best mid weight or variety applications.

Large HAN33: Clips on to panels up to 5mm thick, best for cardboard displays and corrugated panels and heavier products.

Pack of 100 (packed loose)