Plastic Banner Eyelets Press Lock 14mm Snap Grommet

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Clear Plastic Push Snap Grommets CAL8 CAL10

Used to hang banners or secure tarps and tents with eyelets.

A new and very effective solution to eyelets for banners, tarps, tents,... made in Sweden by Holdon®. These eyelets are compression type eyelets meaning there is no need for hemming and reinforcing the material. The shape of the eyelets creates a compression effect on the fabric/sheet, gripping a ring of the material instead of only pulling on one point and possibly tearing it.

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- No need for hemming and reinforcing the fabric due to compression effect.

- Fast and easy installation, push to lock, hammer to compress.

- Does not rust (as opposed to metal grommets)

- Semi transparent color for less visibility


Punch 14mm holes in the fabric (See CAL10 for punch tool). Place male part through the hole, push female part down on the other side. Ensure the flat side in facing the fabric. Push with fingers till they lock/click. Knock the female part down with a plastic or rubber hammer so they compress.


11.6mm interior hole

Suits 14mm Holes

31mm outside diameter

8.5-9mm thickness once installed

Suitable for material up to 450gsm or 0.5mm thickness


Buy 250 eyelets and get a free Steel 14mm Hole Puncher Made in Germany. Use the hole puncher with a rubber or plastic hammer.