Nylon Wire 3 Meter Hanging System Looped End with Invisigrip Gripple Fastener

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Invisible Nylon Rope with preformed crimped loop and Invisigrip Gripple Roller Fastener (LEAW29)

Used to hang any premium signage, point sale material,... or any other material 1Kg to 5Kg per wire (10kg per pair)

Pack of 2 (2 wires and 2 Gripples)

1.5mm nylon wire, looped and securely crimped with a steel strap creating a preformed loop (roughly 40mm diameter or 55x30mm tear drop shape).

Invisigrip Gripples are secure transparent fasteners which allow the user to create loops and adjust along the wire. Gripples can be adjusted and reused for as many times as you want. These high quality secure fasteners are made in Europe.

Gripple Use:

Gripples have one way channels marked with arrows which the wire goes through to form a loop. To adjust the gripper along the wire, hold it with your thumb and index and twist the White tabs to release.

Once a loop has been created it can hold up to 5Kg per wire in a vertical position.

Not suitable for items under 1Kg as the wire needs to be stretched out.

Gripple® is a registered trademark of Gripple Limited. World patented.

One pack is 2 wires (3 Meters each) and 2 Gripple Invisigrip Fasteners