Mobile Ceiling Sign Hangers Triarama & Quadrama TRI

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Ceiling Hanger Media display (Triarama and Quadrama)

Used in stores, shopping centers and other indoor areas where promotional media needs to be seen from all angles

1 unit includes set of 2 frames (top & bottom), 1 jet wire and 1 adhesive ceiling hook

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The perfect solution for promotional campaigns that can be seen from all angled in stores and shopping centers. Top two corners of each side have a small pop out sphere you can use to pop on printed media with a standard punched hole. The spacing between the top and bottom frame is up to you but standard sizing is as follows:

Small Triangle TRI1: A4 Landscape or A3 Portrait (pack of 10 sets or box of 100)

Large Triangle TRI2: A3 Landscape or A2 Portrait (pack of 10 sets or box of 75)

Square TRI4: A4 Landscape or A3 Portrait (pack of 10 sets or box of 40)

The jet wire supplied is an extendable double C hook that comes standard at 320mm (32cm) length but can be pulled to the desired length and it will retain that length. Max length is 2500mm (2.5 meters). The ceiling hook supplied is non removable foam tape backing, for other ceiling hooks see our Ceiling Hanger Accessories range.

Pack includes a complete kits with top & bottom frame, HAN15 jet wire & HAN1 adhesive ceiling hook

Choose pack size and model.