Magnetic Disk 9.5mm Round Button with Adhesive

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SKU MAG12 Pk100
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Small Magnetic Disks with Adhesive MAG12

Used for creating snap shut packaging, premium boxes, removable closures and easy to open/close joints.

Choose thickness = 0.75mm or 1.5mm

Pack size = 100 units (50 Pairs)

These tiny disks are the secret to creating clean, crisp and professional packaging and premium boxes where everything snaps shut perfectly. Also commonly used by printers, crafts, leatherworks,... where 2 surfaces need to close shut neatly without messy adhesives. The two outside surfaces of the disks have 3M transparent adhesive applied with a easy to peel off backing paper.

Diameter = 9.5mm

Thickness of each Disk:

Small = 0.75mm Magnet (0.9mm including coating and adhesive)

Large = 1.5mm Magnet (1.65mm including coating and adhesive)

Pack of 100 units (50 Negative Poles and 50 Positive poles)