Hook & Loop Adhesive Strip on Reel

$20.05 Inc GST
SKU STR20/16H-11M
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Hook and Loop Self Adhesive Strips on Reels STR20

Used for various joints with frequent need for removal and attachment

Choose Width, Length and Type (Hook or Loop)

Hook and Loop sold separately

Designed to make life easier for printers and other industries with need for removable closures. These strips are 16mm or 25mm wide and 11 or 25m long on paper backing so you can cut, peel off and apply quickly. The hook reel and loop reel are sold separately.

Color White & Black 

Pack size = 1 reel of either Hook or Loop, Choose width/length

The Loop side is the softer/fluffier side, more commonly applied to the wall or permanent surface

The Hook side is the rougher/scratchy side, more commonly applied to signage.


Hook and Loop sold separately.

Please check sizes and lengths carefully before checking out.