Hangsell Display Flatpacked Hangshelf

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Used to display products at point of sale in vertical setup, utilizing unused store space, cross-selling and highlighting new or sale products.

Available in 4 sizing variations

Pack Size = 10 units

A very handy solution for a number of requirements in retail. A hang shelf is made of semi transparent polypropylene and designed to be shipped flat. They are to be opened like a pop-up and secured by inserting the folds and tabs in slits provided. They can then be hanged of nails, hooks, suction cups or secured by adhesive or any other means available in the location. The main benefits of hangsell display are:

- Making use of unused spaces in retail stores such as narrow vertical gaps between furniture, pillars and other vertical spaces.

- Cross selling items on shelves with accessories on hangshelves.

- Setting up temporary displays for sales and promotions.

- Setting up pop-up shops and booths.

Our hang-shelves have a front lip to prevent the product from falling over forward and come in 4 sizes, use the chart to find the best one for you.

* Shipped flat, needs to be folded along the lines and set-up manually.

* custom printed, custom size, other material and branded hangshelves available on request (MOQ 500, lead time 30 days).

Pack of 10 units packed flat