Elastic Stretch Strap 150mm Cord with Metal T-Ends ATT32

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Elastic Stretch Cord with metal T shaped ends ATT32 (ATT03)

Used for folders, face masks, packaging closure, hanging decorations or holding displays in place.

Pack Size = 200 units

Known as the facemask band or barbed stretch cord this attachment has other uses as well. It can be used to make folders with elastic closures, to hang and connect media with an elastic effect, or hold media around an object. All you need is holes in the media roughly 2mm to 6mm in diameter (Covers all standard hole punchers including ISO838 & 888) and the metal end can go through, turn and hold.

Unstretched length 150mm, fully stretched 250mm, thickness 2mm

Black color with metallic ends

Pack of 200 units