EasyFix Electronic Label Holder Rail for Hanshow, Pricer & SES

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EasyFix Electronic Label Holder Rail for Shelves

Designed to hold a variety of models from Hanshow, SES and Pricer

Adjustbale angle for various shelf heights

Made to size or standard lengths from stock

Can be directly mounted most shelves on the market (mounting accessories supplied)


A market leading solution for ESL's, the EasyFix is designed and manufactured by Sitour. Thanks to years of R&D and collaborations with the label manufacturers it securely holds most current labels from market leading electronic labels providers such as Pricer , SES and Hanshow. The key points are:

- Labels snap in place easily. Secure and firm grip of the labels, removal with special lever tool (supplied) to prevent theft or loss of labels.

- Compatibility with a very wide range of labels means easy changeover of labels without need for new store fit-outs.

- Can be adjusted to face upwards for lower shelves thanks to a adjustment flap at the back.

- Directly mounts on to standard p25 shelves. Designed to mount on to most other shelves with an additional clip which is provided based on shelf type. This includes shelves such as Cefla, Kider KS, Wanzl-Cefla, Bonnet Neve, Linde and double rail shelves. Can also be mounted on regular wire and triple wire front shelves with additional back clip.

- Supported with a wide range of accessories including rail covers, base protection and label removal tool.