Duraframe Removable Adhesive Sign Holder Sleeve with Magnetic Closure

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Durable Duraframe Adhesive Backed Sign Holder with Magnetic Sleeve

Used for professional sign display where signs needs to be changed and moved frequently.

POC10  Available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes.

The latest and probably smartest solution to sign display in offices, retail and any other environment where signs are displayed on glass. The Whole frame has an adhesive backing which sticks on glass and can be re positioned multiple times without leaving marks. The surface cover has a magnetic frame which allows it to be taken off and the media inside to be replaced.

Sign can be read from both sides when used on glass

Can be re-positioned multiple times

Will hold on to glass for up to 4 years

Can also stick to smooth and clean surfaces similar to glass

Packed in bags of 2, MOQ 10 units.