Double Sided Transparent Removable Adhesive Gel Pads on Sheet FOA10/25

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Double Sided Removable (Easy Peel) Adhesive Gel Pads on Sheets

Used in print, display and retail industries where a clean, removable and temporary adhesive is required.

Pack size = 240 Pieces (20 Sheets of 12)

An amazing new type of adhesive that is strong and discreet but most importantly is removable without leaving a mess. These square gel pads are 25x25mm and come on pads of 12 (1 pack = 20 sheets). Easy to peel off backing paper and apply to your media, the other side is peeled and applied by the end user.

The gel material is engineered to grip but be removed from most surfaces without any trace or damage. Perfect for windows, glass, plastic and other hard surfaces.

Pad thickness is 1mm.

1 pack = 20 sheets, 12 units on each sheet = 240 pieces total

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