Clear Hinged Data Strip with Adhesive Front Tape LAB12

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Hinged Data Strip (Scanstrip) with Adhesive Strip on Front (LAB12 / LAB351)

Available in 26mm and 39mm ticket heights

Available in Full Clear or Black and Clear

Any length made to order (MOQ 1000 pcs)

A very handy and popular datastrip. The main ticket holder clear and flat. But a hinge at the top connects it to a 13mm flap with a 9mm strip of clear adhesive on the front side. This allows it to be used in the following ways:

- Attached to the front of normal shelves where the flap and strip form a small angle for easy reading of data. 

- Can be mounted under particular types of shelves so the flap and data strip have a 90 degree angle, recommended for short lengths such as FSDU's. This is used when the front face of the shelf needs to be kept clear.

- Attached behind existing data strips for additional information.

Overall height 62 (16mm flap + 46mm face)

Recommended ticket height 39mm

Supplied in requested length, MOQ 1000 pieces