Clear Hinged Data Strip with Adhesive Front Tape LAB12

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SKU LAB12-26x1200
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Hinged Data Strip (Scanstrip) with Adhesive Strip on Front

Available in 26mm and 39mm ticket height

914mm and 1200mm available from stock, other lengths cut to size

A very handy and popular datastrip. The main ticket holder is standard, clear and flat. But a hinge at the top connects it to a 13mm flap with a 9mm thick strip of adhesive on the front side. This allows it to be used in the following ways:

- Attached behind existing data strips for additional information. The hinge allows it to be pushed back and flap forward for access to the shelves below.

- Can be mounted under particular type of shelves so the flap and data strip have a 90 degree angle, only recommended for short lengths, full length strips do not hang down vertically due to the plastic memory in the hinge. This is used when the front face of the shelf needs to be kept clear. 

- In short lengths, it can be mounted on the front of shelves and sit at an angle. Used for bottom row shelves for better visibility.

Sold out sizes available only on order, contact for details.

Supplied in cartons of 50

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