Chrome Finish Metal Locking Ring HOO14

$21.60 Inc GST
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Round locking Steel Ring with Chrome Finish

Used for hanging merchandise and signage, holding media together, binding spines, connecting hanging panels, etc.

Choose style - available in 7 sizes

Made from strong steel alloy these Hooks are made of two pieces with a pin hinge on one side and a tooth lock design on the other. The hinge is designed to be resistant and hard to open/close. The two halves only open roughly 45-60 degrees and not the whole way.


HOO14B: 19mm ID, 2.3mm thick Pack 100

HOO14C: 25mm ID, 2.7mm thick Pack 100

HOO14D: 38mm ID, 3.3mm thick Pack 100

HOO14E: 50mm ID, 3.4mm thick Pack 50

HOO14F: 63mm ID, 3.5mm thick Pack 25

HOO14G: 76mm ID, 4.5mm thick Pack 10

Not suitable for outdoor use or use in high humidity, will rust.

Smaller sizes not suitable for high volume hand assembly.

Metallic/Chrome color

Pack of 100, 50, 25 & 10 units 

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