Christmas Tinsel Hanging Decoration Kit Transparent and Removable (Pack of 200)

$59.10 Inc GST
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200 Point Christmas Decoration and Tinsel Hanging Pack for stores, offices and supermarkets. THK200

Used for hanging lightweight decorations, mobiles, tinsel,...

Pack of 200 buttons and 200 cords (Tinsel not included)

Adhesive Buttons: Transparent gel adhesive buttons that don't leave a stain when removed. Perfect for temporary decorations in retail or work environments. These buttons hold roughly 125 grams of weight (More on smooth and clean surfaces and less on uneven and rough surfaces). In order to remove the buttons clean and easy, they must be twisted. A special key is provided to make this easier.

Attachment cords: Pin loop plastic attaching cords, very thin and discreet, total length 125mm, creates a loop of roughly 40mm in diameter, perfect to hold tinsel.


These special adhesive buttons can be used on:

Lacquered Furniture, Cabinets and Office Furniture, Tiles, Ceramics & Stone, White-goods, Electronics and Plastics, Polished Stainless Steel or Aluminum, Windows, Mirrors and Glass, Metal railings on grid/panel ceilings.

Recommended spacing between hanging points for lightweight Christmas tinsel is 50-80cm.  Using one pack you should be able to safely hang roughly 100 meters of standard light tinsel. 


One pack contains:

200 adhesive transparent buttons

2 plastic keys (to remove buttons)

200 attachment cords


Tinsel not included