Ceiling Hanging Kit for posters and signs CHK10

$9.95 Inc GST
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30 Piece Ceiling hanging kit

For hanging posters, signs and media from ceilings in retail and office spaces

This kit contains 30 pieces of accessories to hang and display various posters, media and promotions from interior ceilings. The kit contains:

10 x HAN1 Adhesive ceiling hook, single use permanent foam tape adhesive - 20x20mm base, closed hook.

10 x HAN8 Snap on clip for ceiling grids, T-rails. 20x20mm base, closed hook. Max load 1 kg.

10 x HAN16 Extendable Jet Wire with hooks at both ends. Standard length 21cm, can be pulled to max length 140cm. Max load 1kg.

Comes in zip lock bag.