Ceiling Hanger Plastic Hooks Adhesive Base HAN0 HAN1 HAN2 HAN3 HAN4

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Plastic Hanger Buttons with Permanent Self Adhesive Base

Used for Hanging and suspending material from ceilings or walls through an eyelet or J hook.

Available in 5 versions

Pack Size = 100 units

Designed to hold hooks and wire for display purposes, these square adhesive buttons stick to a range of smooth surfaces. The base has a permanent foam adhesive tape. There are 5 versions available to suit your exact need. 

Small HAN0: 18x18mm, ⌀ 2.5mm hole

Medium HAN1: 20x20mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

Large HAN3: 26x37mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

Large with Swivel HAN4: 30x30mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

J Hook, HAN2: 25x25mm, ⌀ 8mm hook

Large with J Hook, HAN35: 23x23mm, ⌀ 7mm hook (Pack 200)

Round Removable Adhesive ⌀ 22mm Eyelet ⌀ 3mm

White color

Non-removable / Permanent adhesive, removal may leave mark on surface

Pack of 100 units (HAN35 200 units)

In order to maximize strength and durability please apply to clean, dry and smooth surfaces, press and hold firmly for a few seconds and wait a few minutes before applying weight and using.

Weight rating strength and durability depends on various factors. Direct sun exposure, high humidity, extreme cold, rough and dirty surfaces reduce strength.