Ceiling Grid T-Rail Hook Plastic HAN7 HAN8

$14.70 Inc GST
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Plastic Clip for Ceiling Grids

Used for hanging and suspending material from suspended ceiling grids T-Rails.

Available in 2 versions

Pack Size = 100 units

A simple and cheap solution to hang material from grid ceilings. Designed to fit most panel, tile, grid system ceilings these clips just snap on and can be used in combination with hooks, string or nylon wire. Thanks to the semitransparent color and small size most customers even leave them on until the next promotion or decoration needs to go up.

HAN7: Has 5mm diameter round hole perpendicular to rail

HAN8: Has 4x4mm square eyelet parallel to rail

No more adhesives, wires, knots, tape and messy solutions. These clips just snap on to the ceiling rails and allow material to be hung off them by hook or wire. They can slide on the rails for minor adjustments. Thanks to the good design they actually snap on to the rail and hold firmly.

Milky white translucent color

Pack of 100 units