Cable Tie Plastic Fastener Cords ATT11

SKU ATT11/100/2.5
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Plastic Zip Tie Attacher Cords Natural (White)

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Pack Size = 1000 units

Call them zip ties, cable ties, hose ties, zap straps, ... They are versatile, strong and cheap. Offered in various lengths, widths and colors. Cable ties are zipped down to size and can not be opened or pulled back. To open, you would need to cut the cable or crush the ratchet with pliers.

Milky White (natural) color. For Black colored cable ties please see ATT11-BLK

Pack of 1000

ATT11A = 100mm length, 2.5mm width

ATT11B = 160mm length, 2.5mm width

ATT11C = 200mm length, 2.5mm width

ATT11D = 250mm length, 2.8mm width

ATT11E = 300mm length, 2.8mm width

ATT11-300x3.6 = 300mm length, 3.6mm width Pack 100

ATT11F Extra Wide= 300mm length, 4.8mm width Pack 100

ATT11-450x4.8 = 450mm length, 4.8mm width Pack 100

If you require other sizes and widths in high quantities please contact us.