Bulk it! Gravity Bin and Scoop Bin

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Gravity Bins and Scoop Bins for Bulk Produce Merchandising

Introducing the Bulk it! range. The gravity and scoop bin dispenser has 100% controlled manufacturing. Designed by the ISD Group's innovation division and manufactured in France, our bins provide you with all the guarantees of quality and safety. 

Why choose our Bulk it! Gravity Bins?

  • Manufactured with an integrated 3 position flow-control system which is easy to use and access. It allows shoppers to adjust the flow of goods according to the size of the products and amount they’re after
  • We have come up with a solution that is clear and concise on how to assemble/dismantle these bins in less than a minute
  • A lid locking system is used to prevent consumers from accessing the products, preventing cross-contamination, and leaving your produce nice fresh.
  • Inform your customers about the ingredients, allergens, nutritional information, origin, and pricing, thanks to the large customer facing label holder. A version for electronic labels is also available
  • Invest sustainably and in a waste reduction approach. The materials used for our gravity bins are safe for food contact without the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) and is designed for long term use.
  • Our 150mm gravity and scoop bins are perfectly aligned to create a complete and attractive shelf space with gravity bins on top and scoop bins at the bottom
  • Ability to check product levels without having the need to dislodge the bins from their place, thanks to a built-in graduated gauge on the front

Gravity Bins

Available in four sizes:                                                                                                         

  • 8L and 12L – 100mm wide
  • 14L and 21L – 150mm wide

Two installation options: 

Option 1 - On Crossbar

  • Available in 2 sizes: 900-914mm & 1185-1200mm
  • Holder support compatible with 100mm or 150mm wide Gravity Bin

Option 2 - On Shelf       

  • Base rail supplied with two clean adhesive strips for a strong hold on your shelf
  • Base supplied to hold the bin in place - one size suitable for both 100mm and 150mm wide                                                                    

Scoop Bins

Available in two sizes;

  • 8L – 150mm (Width) x 267mm (Height) x 378mm (Depth)
  • 11L – 150mm (W) x 327mm (H) x 378mm (D)

Two installation options:

Option 1 - Hook on cross bar with fitted sliding tray 

  • Crossbar available in two sizes: 900-914mm & 1185-1200mm
  • Sliding tray available in one size and is compatible with both 8L and 11L

Option 2 - Place directly on any type of shelf 

Both gravity and scoop bin is compatible with a wide range of produce such as:

  • Legumes - lentils, beans, peas, soybeans...                                           
  • Grains - rice, oats, bulgur, quinoa, corn, barley...                                  
  • Nuts - walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashew nuts...                      
  • Seeds - chia, sunflower, flax...
  • Cereals, granola, dry pet foot, array of teas, coffee and all the confectionary you could think of

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