Suction Cup with Parallel SuperGrip Sign Holder up to 2mm Capacity SUP62

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SKU SUP62 Pk100
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Super Grip Sign and Ticket Holder with Suction Cup

Used for displaying signs of thickness at a parallel angle to glass/windows.

Choose Size: 25 or 60mm

Pack Size = 100 units

A handy solution for ticketing, media and promotion display on windows, glass fridge and cabinet doors and any other glass surface.

SUP62 holds the sign parallel to the glass using a suction and downwards gripper.

25mm = SUP62: ⌀25mm suction cup, gripper length 25mm, capacity 0.5mm to 2mm

60mm = SUP62L: ⌀60mm suction cup, gripper length 38mm, capacity 0.5mm to 2mm

Transparent color

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)

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