Extendable Jet Wire Ceiling Hooks Spring Hanging Wire

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SKU HAN17 Pack 100
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Extendable Jet Wire Double Hook Metal Ceiling Hooks

Used for hanging posters and signs, shop fitting and display

Adjustable length - available in 5 sizes

Pack Size = 100 or 50 units

A double C hook for hanging lightweight posters and tickets. These hooks known as mobile spirals or jet wires, come in the original length as mentioned below and can be pulled to the desirable length by hand and then they will stay at that length as long as the force is within the operational capacity. Ideal when dispatching signage to multiple locations with varying ceiling heights.

HAN23: Original length 120mm, max length 1000mm, capacity 0.5Kg Pack 100

HAN17: Original length 170mm, max length 1500mm, capacity 0.4Kg Pack 100

HAN16: Original length 200mm, max length 1900mm, capacity 1Kg Pack 50

HAN15: Original length 320mm, max length 2500mm, capacity 1Kg Pack 50

No more cutting wires to size, no more bending metal hooks,... Always have your media hung at the exact drop you desire. As easy as pull, hook and hang.

Please note once pulled, they can not be retracted again.

Available in 5 versions with different capacity and lengths

Pack of 100 or 50 units (please see pack sizes above)