The amazing FixTwist for Electronics and Appliances

The amazing FixTwist for Electronics and Appliances

If I have learned anything at Hang and Display it's to believe that there is a solution for every problem! In all my years of involvement in retail in various industries and roles, I can't tell you how many problems we lived with and just assumed there was no solution for it! If only I had googled my problem...

Today I want to introduce you to FixTwist, the best 20 bucks an appliance or electronics store can spend.

Scene 1: You are the customer in a store and browsing home appliances, in all the promotions and signs, you struggle to find the price of the items you are looking for, where is the ticket, sitting in stand on top? sticker on side? hanging somewhere above from the ceiling? Eventually you have to ask, or maybe just move on never knowing that you missed a good deal...

Scene 2: You buy a display model electronic or appliance, taking it home you notice a stain from sticky tape, Blu Tack grease or some other adhesive where the store had affixed the price or promotion sign, frustrated you ask yourself if you should go back to the store or keep on trying different sprays and wipes... 

Scene 3: You manage a store and have awesome deals and promos going on, or you are just tired of being asked hundreds of times a day for prices when all the products are supposed to have tickets. If only there was a way to attach tickets and labels to the front and face of electronics and appliances, but no you don't want to damage that surface with tapes, adhesives and Blu Tack.

Fixtwist or as our system calls it HAN01/RT is a little button from heaven. This hanger has an adhesive gel designed to stick on to the most premium and precious surfaces in a store, mobile phones, monitors and TV screens, fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave,... wack it right on there, anywhere! Run a little attacher cord through the hole and through your ticket or sign and as the French say Vwa-lah (Voilà)!

These bad boys will hold up to 125 grams on those kind of surfaces for as long as you want. Once you decide to remove it, just twist and the button comes off without leaving a mark! For every 100 units in a pack, we also supply a little tool to help remove them faster, it's not necessary but comes in handy if you want to remove a lot of them quickly.

The factory has tested these things for years on every surface imaginable and we did too cause we just couldn't believe how cool this thing is, and yes it works perfectly. The fact sheet mentions that they also tested it on walls, cardboard, glass, wood, aluminum, plastic,... and it works on them all.

Retail price on a pack (100pcs) of the FixTwist is $17, discounts apply for larger purchases as well. So what do you think? One has to just wonder why some big name retailers are still sticky taping labels and using greasy and dirty adhesives such as Blu Tack.

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