Hangstrips - A simple solution to a problem you didn't know you had

Hangstrips - A simple solution to a problem you didn't know you had

Hangstrips, Clipstrips, Hanging Strips, Hangsell Strips or ok we're gonna stop now, just look a the picture and call it what you will.

These simple product display accessories are actually more sophisticated and useful than they look, they come in over 20 common styles to cover all types of display needs and are guaranteed to improve sales.


Why use them?

  • Make the best of your space, use the columns and uprights in your store especially the gondola posts and turn them into prime product display space.
  • Drive impulse purchases on items in places other than the checkout counter. If you have displayed little last minute items at the checkout you've seen how much impulse purchases can drive sales. So why not do the same by using hang strips to display everyday and cheaper items at eye level nicely in other places in the store as well.
  • Create convenience for the buyer by offering packaging or complimentary products together. Wine gift bags next to the wine. Replacement parts, add-ons, accessories and consumables next to the matching product. Basically take away the excuse the customer has for not buying an item by offering the whole solution in one place.
  • Cross sell items. Where's the absolute best location to sell batteries? Right next to the toys on the shelves in the toy department. Best place to sell Guacamole spice satchels? You guessed it somewhere close to the avocados. Imagine all the additional high margin small items in your store that you could sell more of.
  • Improve visibility on products that can't be seen on shelves and hooks. Unless the product comes in shelf ready packaging, a lot of thin or small packaged goods suffer from low visibility. Clip strips bring these items to eye level and display the whole front side of the packaging.
  • Display out of the box. If you are a brand or distributor you could be displayed on premium space (gondola posts and columns) instead of bottom shelves or hooks if your product comes ready on hangstrips straight from the box. The retailer opens the box and pulls out a co-packed folded strip ready to hang on nice and exclusive vertical space.


How many types of them are there?

There are plenty of styles but just 3 major factors that differentiate them:

  • Length and number of stations:

Depending on the thickness and size of the product you need to choose the appropriate model. If your product is small and thin you would go for maximum number of stations such as 15 or 18 in a normal length such as 70cm or 80cm. If the product is thick or has bigger packaging then go for the longer ones with more spaced out stations. You could also use every other station for example display 9 products on an 18 hook strip. Most styles have between 6 and 18 clips and are 600mm to 1100mm in length.

  • Type of hook/station:

We have a hook, which holds hangsell items like the STR301, a clip like the MHS1 which grabs the packaging and a combo which is a clip with a small prong on top that can also be used to hold a product by hanging like the SEL1.

The hook itself can be just a simple outward hook, a push-out hook or a triple prong hook which is actually very smart. The 3 prong hook (see H125, H130 or H188) has one going up and two going down, these are soft cut-out flaps. The one pointing up hold the product and two going down lock it in so it doesn't fall off when the strips is being hung or it's shaken. But when the customer pulls the product outwards the flaps bend over and easily release the product! The 3 prong system is also available in injection molded hangstrips by having one large hook going up and two small prongs on the top to prevent the item accidentally falling off (see H138 and H139).



  • Headers:
    If you are the brand or distributor you would want a large header card where you could put a branding sticker, message and price. If you are the retailer than maybe stick with a smaller header just enough for the price ticket.




    How do you hang a hangstrip?

    All hangstrips have a whole at the top to be hung with S Hooks. We have a range of S hooks specially designed for hangstrips, check them out here. That whole or any part of the body can also be secured with cable ties.



    What's new in the world of hangstrips and hangstrip enthusiasts?:)

    - Double sided hangstrips to be hung off and overhang or shelf edge. Checkout the SEL11

    - Hangstrips on reels that can be cut to size such as the REF-182

    - Not much else, the hangstrip enthusiast world is rather small and we can't seem to find any recent papers or patents:)

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    What is the lead time, price and MOQ on custom versions?

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