Twin Stick Foam Block Media Spacer with Adhesive WOB33

SKU WOB33/13
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Foam Spacer Double Sided 25mm x 25mm Blocks

Used for creating 3D effects on cardboard, corrugated and corflute displays & signage

Pack of 100 units

Twin stick foam blocks with adhesive on both sides. These spacers are fast sticking and storng adhesive on two opposing sides and come in 13 or 25mm thickness. One side has the backing paper intact and the other is cut which allows for fast and hassle free application.

White Foam color

WOB33/13 = 25.4mm square pads with 12.7mm thickness

WOB33/25 = 25.4mm square pads with 12.7mm thickness

One pack is 5 sheets of 20 individual foam blocks (100 per pack)

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