SuperGrip Angled Grip Panel Joiner SUP57 SUP58 SUP59 SUP60

$24.85 Inc GST
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Super Grip Angled V, L, Y and + Shaped PVC Panel Former

Used for joining various panels and media at angles in cardboard constructions.

Choose design - available in 4 versions

Pack Size = 100 units

Used to join panels and cardboard of max 2mm thickness in various angles and settings. Very popular is promotional display constructions and in-store corrugated product displays.

SUP57: joins 2 panels at 90 degree angle, L shape

SUP58: Joins 2 panels at 60 degree angle, V shape

SUP59: Joins 3 panels at 120 degree angles, Y shape

SUP60: Joins 4 panels at 90 degree angles, + shape

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)