Suction Cup with SuperGrip Sign Holder up to 2mm and 3mm Capacity SUP62 SUP63

$35.75 Inc GST

Super Grip Sign and Ticket Holder with Suction Cup

Used for displaying signs of thickness at a parallel or perpendicular angle to glass/windows.

Choose Angle - Parallel or Perpendicular

Choose Size: 25, 40 or 60mm

Pack Size = 100 units

A handy solution for ticketing, media and promotion display on windows, glass fridge and cabinet doors and any other glass surface. Available in parallel (SUP62), holds the sign parallel to the glass or perpendicular (SUP63) holds the sign perpendicular to the glass. Also available in various grip capacities for different media thicknesses.


SUP62: ⌀25mm suction cup, gripper length 25mm, capacity 0.75mm to 2mm

SUP62L: ⌀60mm suction cup, gripper length 38mm, capacity 0.75mm to 3mm

SUP63: ⌀25mm suction cup, gripper length 25mm, capacity 0.75mm to 2mm

SUP63L.40: ⌀40mm suction cup, gripper length 40mm, capacity 0.75mm to 3mm

SUP63L: ⌀60mm suction cup, gripper length 60mm, capacity 0.75mm to 3mm


Transparent color

Pack of 100 units (packed loose)