Steel Hanging Wire Cable with Snap Hook and Cable Loop Gripper

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Cable Hanging Wire with Hook and Adjustable Loop (CLG+SWH)

Used to hang large and heavy signage or decorations.

Pack of 1 (1 unit 4 meter wire with hook and 1 loop gripper)

The most popular and efficient way of hanging heavy signage, this cable wire system has a hook on one side so you can just snap it on to any hook, bar, edge or wire. The other side can be looped around whatever is you hang or the ceiling and locked in with the gripper block. This means the length of the system is adjustable and the whole system is reusable. Each cable can take up to 40kg so if you purchase and use 2 of them, anything up to 80kg can be hung.

Wire: 4 meters of 304 stainless steel wire with an iron hook fixed on one side. The hook has a 5mm opening and a spring/snap lock for extra security.

Cable Loop Gripper: The gripper is a 20x20x10mm aluminum block with 2 holes on top an two on the other side. The are arrows marking the entry and exit points for the cable, once the cable goes in it gets locked and can not go back but can be pulled further in. The only way to release the cable entirely is to hold down the small protruding sleeve.

Cable Thickness: 1.5mm

Cable length 4 meters

Max weight  40kg

Pack of 1 wire (4 meters with hook fixed on one end) and 1 loop gripper